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Welcome to Indopact.org, your entry point to an ecosystem being built to facilitate the collaborative application of commercial dual-use technologies in solutions to regional security and resilience challenges. A brainchild of the Pacific International Center for High Technology Research (PICHTR) and the team at Armatus.ai, the ecosystem is a combination of key relationships between regional governments, nonprofits, academic institutions, and businesses working together to forge new partnerships through events and projects.

We invite you to join us at the PacT Conference, PACT Symposia and PaCT Community.

The Partnerships in Climate/Dual-Use Technology (PaCT) Conferences

Held each year in Honolulu, the PaCT Conference addresses data-sharing solutions to climate and dual-use crises with a Whole-Of-Society focus featuring public and private capital. Highlighting critical challenges facing Pacific Island Nations and regional priorities for resilient solutions to natural & manmade disasters, and conflict.

The Pacific Alliance for Collaboration and Technology (PACT) Symposium

The PACT Symposium, presented by Armatus.ai, promote ongoing engagement between the dual-use innovation ecosystem, traditional defense companies, and government/military end-users to accelerate the development and scaling of new technologies for national and regional security.

The community is an open and collaborative platform for all event participants and supporters.  To join, just click the “Community” tab above and sign-up, membership is free.

Both the events and community support coalition interoperability and programs linking data sharing across government, industry, and communities from the U.S., Japan, Australia, and Pacific Island Nations.

Upcoming Event
The PACT Innovation Symposium Japan
June 3 to 4, 2024

Register using the “Early-bird” promo code during April and get 30% off!

** Registration includes snacks and drinks during the event.

PaCT 2024 Conference Program

2024 Conference Testimonial

“Attending the intimate PaCT conference by PICHTR allowed us to not only learn more about government and industry collaboration but to realise the importance of dual use industries and the ever increasing necessity for genuine and timely cooperation between Pacific nations, particularly the close allies of Australia and Japan.

By closer cooperation we can accelerate our development in areas of dire importance to mitigate regional environmental and man-made issues in this rapidly changing environment.”

Mack Wilson
Australia Business Manager
EX-Fusion Inc.

Conferences and Symposia focus on:

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