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PICHTR, a Hawaii non-profit, was established to build a bridge between the governments and technology companies across the Pacific since 1983.

  • In 1982, US Senator Spark Matsunaga proposed a project to facilitate US-Japan joint research programs, and Governor George Ariyoshi announced founding of PICHTR
  • In 1983, Hawaii Legislature established PICHTR to conduct advanced technology research & development
  • In 1986, President Reagan proposed Japanese Prime Minister Nakasone that Japan and the USA cooperate on an international technology project through PICHTR.

Notable Board Members from Japan include..

  • Mitsuro Donowaki (’83-’08, retired ambassador) 
  • Akio Morita (’89-’91, founder of Sony) 
  • Yasuo Nakagami (’98-’11, Mitsubishi Heavy advisor) 
  • Shinji Fukukawa (’01-’12, retired Vice Minister, METI) 
  • Masakazu Toyoda (’12-, retired Vice Minister, METI)

Further History

The Hawaii Technology Development Venture (HTDV) was the first dual-use incubation program in the United States. HTDV was a program of the Pacific International Center for High Technology Research (PICHTR), funded by the Office of Naval Research (ONR) that utilizes the capabilities of Hawaii-based small businesses in performing high technology efforts related to current and future Department of Navy and Department of Defense programs.  

HTDV created a Pacific regional center for commercialization of defense and homeland security technologies that benefits small companies in Hawaii.  The result of the effort was a stronger technology base in Hawaii to meet technology requirements of the Department of Navy and Department of Defense. Many of the companies funded by HTDV make up the current technology sector of the State of Hawaii, and have successfully commercialized technologies and transitioned to the defense sector.

Programs & Projects

Logo Agencies Programs (contractual, fiscal and programmatic administration)
U.S. Department of Defense (Office of Naval Research) Asia-Pacific Technology Commercialization Center (APTEP), STEM, and Hawaii Technology Development Venture Programs
U.S. Department of Energy Hawaii Renewable Energy Development Venture
U.S. Department of Defense (Army Corps of Engineers) Natural Resources and Cultural Resources Management Programs
U.S. Department of Homeland Security National Disaster Preparedness Training Center
U.S. Dept. of Commerce (National Oceanic & Atmospheric Administration) Pacific Island Network
U.S. Environmental Protection Agency (U.S. EPA) Commercialization of Pesticide-reducing Biotechnologies program
U.S. Department of Commerce (U.S. DOC) Pacific Tropical Ornamental Fish program
U.S. Department of Agriculture (USDA) Agriculture Based Remediation Program and Biosystems Technology Program
U.S. Department of Health & Human Services Hawaii State Health Information Exchange, Regional Centers Cooperative Agreement Programs

PaCT International Conference Team

Bernice Glenn Kissinger

Keith Matsumoto

PICHTR Programs Director

[email protected] 

Guy Boekenstein

Mica Imamura




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